About Us

Hi, my name is Marcial Gutierrez and I'm the main creative dude behind Do The Twist! Balloons. 

I've been twisting balloons for over 3 years in a variety of different environments: restaurants, farmer's markets, carnivals, shopping centers, balloon conventions and competitions. 

Although I can't say I've been around as long as the other guys and gals, I've learned all my tricks from the best in San Diego and the world. 

As an artistically inclined person, I've found balloons to be a very satisfying medium to explore my creativity, but most importantly, balloons have been a great way for me to HAVE A TON OF FUN while MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY!!! 

So, if you have an upcoming event and you need some entertainment, YOU KNOW WHO TO CALL!

Book me for your next party!

(619) 805-7321

Left to Right: Tyler Sterling (Twisted Mister's Artz ) Judah Buxton (Creative Entertainment) Me (Do The Twist! Balloons) and Leo Cruz (Cruzzing Balloons) as The Atwistacrats, receiving the 3rd place from the jury and the People's Choice award for our stage performance "Music with a Twist" at the 2009 Twist & Shout Balloon Convention in Cerritos, CA.

Below: Teamwork!! The Atwistacrats (Judah, Leo, Tyler and me) with all the balloon props we twisted for our stage performance. These cats got some SKILLS! 
2009 Twist & Shout, Cerritos, CA. 

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